Yearly Savings

How It Works: Started On January 1st 2013.

Use ANY of our services more than once in a 12 month period and SAVE A MASSIVE 20% on your 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc cleanings!!! Noone Else Offers This, another reason why we are #1

Examples: Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning, 1st cleaning in a calendar year $360. Use the same service again within 12 months and you will save 20% so you would ONLY pay $324 for your 2nd service

Gutter Cleaning, $200 for your initial clean? Anytime again within a  calendar year – SAVE 20%!!! So $160

Blind Cleaning, $300? ($15 each) first clean… clean again, within the same calendar year, before year end, SAVE 20%! So, ONLY $240

Please Note: These massive savings ONLY apply to repeat same services within a 12 month calendar year from first service.

Any questions please call us.

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