1 Story Home  


Only $1 per foot


2 Story Home


$2 per foot


3 Story Home


$3 per foot

Included Complete Clean Out Of All Gutters By Hand & Force Hose Testing when and Where Needed To Ensure 100% Water Flow Throughout Your Gutters and downspouts
Also Includes: Repairs. Ensure nails and gutters are secure and in place for maximum rain flow through your gutters 

$3 Million Insurance Cover To Protect Your Home.

Beware, Uninsured guys can claim on your home insurance, paying cheap may cost you more than your home.



How often should I clean my gutters?


Gutter cleaningis a form of preventative maintenance that can actually prolong the life of your homes foundations. For that reason, gutters should be cleaned as often as needed. Typically, most of our Aqua Pro customers have their gutters cleaned 1-2 times fall and spring, however this can often depend on the property, your current gutter system and of course the landscaping. (e.g. trees with blossoms, pollen strings, leaves, pine needles, seeds, acorns, sticks and other debris, tree height & proximity to home) and so forth.

Below, find our recommended gutter cleaning schedule:

1. Spring (Typically April onwards I find our customers calling us): to rid their gutters of accumulated winter debris. This includes tender tree foliage which is blown off the trees along with blossoms and pollen strings which clog your gutters providing a perfect breeding ground for mosquito larva.

2. Early fall (September through mid- December): at this time of year, leaves quickly accumulate in your gutters. Their sheer volume requires the gutters to be cleaned.



Clogged gutters do not allow water to properly drain and move away from your home. In the short term this can cause flooding in your basement and pools of standing water that provide a breeding ground for mosquito larva. You may not even realize there’s a problem until we get heavy rain or a serious storm! In the long term, overflowing gutters can cause structural damage to your home’s woodwork, walls, shingles & foundation.

That’s why we offer our POPULAR GutterStuff Pro Gutter Protection. No more having to worry about your gutters again, read our many testimonials.




Absolutely!! I am fully trained to spot problem areas with your gutters and downspouts and can often fix the problem right away for you at no additional charge.


IMPORTANT: Unlike the cheap uninsured guys…. included in your service I give your gutters a FREE evaluation on their condition. This way I am able to see what is in the gutter, whether the gutter is attached to the fascia board or roof line corrently, evaluate the downspout drainage and check the condition of the edge of the roof.

Below are some common problems I often encounter:
• Normal wear and tear (Overdue Replacement)
• Sagging gutters, loose pins, poor installation quite often
• Storm damage
• Damaged downspouts quite often blocked

  • Standing water in gutters usually the above
    • Ice-dam damage



What are your prices and how do I pay you?


I offer prices starting from $1 per foot upwards of $3 per foot for a 3 story house and higher if I need to remove any current gutter protection to clean.


You can simply mail in a check or pay online with your credit card if you are not home.