Q: What should I look for in a window cleaner

A: Testimonials, recommodations from neighbors and friends and first and foremost please ensure WHOEVER you decide to use that they are insured and bonded for your own safety and ensures that should an accident happen you are not going to be sued if someone hurts themselves on your property.

Be watchful (small things) for the type of trucks they drive or whether they just turn up in a car with a ladder tied down on top with string, clearly not professional window cleaners! There are a lot of obviously signs to watch for to be sure your not going to get an half ass job done and lose your hard earned money for a poor quality job – trust us there are plenty of people who THINK they can clean windows like a professional but will simply take your money and run after you find out later they can’t and leave behind horrible streaks on your windows and wet spots on your carpet.

Also be VERY weary if the window cleaning estimate is extremely low than a professional company like ourselves. In this industry, the cheapest workers are usually exactly that for a reason!! Many none professional window cleaning companies will bid low so as to beat out competing professional companies bids and will not and CANNOT afford to put the time and quality into the job being done right – actually think to yourself how they might compensate for the low estimate price. From past customer experiences they will always usually do sloppy work and rush the job as clearly they need to cover their low salary. Many such workers have little time to establish a professional working relationship built on trust and high standards which you should you should expect and demand from your window cleaner or any service provider.

Remember too, another reason many window cleaners are able to bid low is because of neglecting to pay out for necessary business expenses such as workers compensation, liability insurance, necessary equipment, appropriate licensing and permits, or EVEN taxes and the correct safety equipment so as not to ruin your window frames and roof! Quite often even their own employee wages may be low too, which is where theft often comes into play in peoples home because they also don’t often care who they hire. Cheap prices often mean equally the same in terms of quality and service!!


TIP: Did you know: You are at a greater risk of being sued if a worker on your property happens to fall while performing any level of work for you if they are uninsured and wish to file a claim against your home owners insurance SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL as a Brit living here in the US I have sadly seen the many low standards these days hence you really do get what you pay for these days more than ever!




Q: How do professional window cleaning companies price jobs?


A: Many window cleaning companies will bid by how long they feel the job will take such as how we price our services due to having 27 years experience and knowledge. Others will bid by the window or pane sight unseen (however, we feel strongly this lacks customer service) or even the square footage of the house.


No matter though how a window cleaning determines their price, their ultimate goal is an hourly rate for their level of professionalism (hence some prices being higher than others!). On occasions pricing may seem high however one must remember that window cleaning costs are not set by employees. they are set by skilled business owners whose businesses incur many expenses. Such expenses include liability insurance, workers compensation, equipment purchases and maintenance, payroll services, self employment taxes, travel and truck expenses (gas, gas and more gas!) advertising, leased office or home office expenses, pre-established route purchases, start up financing debts and lots more….


Window cleaning is one of the most dangerous occupations in the country (hence the huge cost in insurance) a reality that is reflected in the price to do the job safely and right!!


Q: After calling around, I found that your prices are not the lowest in the area. Why is this?


A: We are proud to provide real service and value for money. However, we are not in the business of simply underbidding a difficult job or low balling our competition on price simply to get a one time job. We instead prefer to focus our attention towards building strong relationships with our customers and offer a service way beyond their normal expectations when using other window cleaning companies. Aqua Pro is a company you can count on and know will be around today and tomorrow. Aqua Pro may not always be the least expensive but we can guarantee the service you receive from us will be much better than anything you have been use too in the past and all at a fair price for the quality of work we provide. The peace of mind our customers have in knowing that we can continue to offer dependable service and quality is well worth it to them each and every time we show up.


From my personal point of view, I am sure you have heard the saying… you get what you pay for in life and that is very true today if not more so with the low standard of work and customer service I constantly see around me. When you use Aqua Pro we are there for you every step of the way and go that extra mile ensuring we detail our work for you, taking our time and never rushing a job to simply move onto the next that same day. You are the # 1 VIP on every job we do and should be treated likewise, without you our loyal customers we have no business.


Q: What is the deal with the FREE window cleaning service?


A: We have built our name based on quality and customer service and believe beyond a doubt we offer the best possible service in the state of Kansas. What better way than to back that saying up with a confident Don’t Pay Us A Dime Unless Your 100% Satisfied With Your Window Cleaning Service kind of tagline. We have so much faith in our abilities to deliver the best possible service that we can safely offer you this. You basically have nothing to lose with us – try us once never use anyone else again and let us take care of you!


Q: Doesn’t it make sense to wait until the rainy season is over to clean my windows?


A: Clean windows look great in all seasons, especially the holidays, Spring and Summer when you really notice the colors outdoors. Rain dirties windows is an old myth, rain in fact, by itself will not make your windows look bad. Only when rain mixes with dirt does a window get streaked and look dirty or you have dirty outside screens on your windows will rain hitting these over time make your glass dirty faster so be sure to have them cleaned. A worthwhile investment.


Rain will actually sheet off clean glass (when done the correct way of course) and stays looking as good as they did before the rain.


Q: What happens, if it rains after you clean my windows?


A: Remember, it’s not the rain which dirties your windows but rain hitting a dirty window or screens. As proof of this we have our rain guarantee, if within a 7 day period of having your windows and screens professional cleaned they don’t look their best due to the forces of nature, we will come straight back out again and touch them up FREE – how is that for results.


Q: Are your cleaning products safe?


A: Yes, all our products are home safe and biodegradable. We do not use any ammonia or alcohol based solutions that could affect fabrics of any kind, flooring or pets.


Q: How often should I have my windows cleaned?


A: To be honest, this is a personal choice. How often do you want to look out of nice clean windows? Seriously though, depending on where you live and the circumstances window cleaning can be done on a call out basis or set up on a regular basis too. Most of our residential customers like to have their windows done every 6 months. Storm windows however, only need to be done approximately every 2 years. You should ideally plan on having your windows cleaned inside and out at least once a year to maintain them in good shape and looking great throughout the year.


Note: We offer a discount for those who sign up for our window cleaning service twice a year.


Q: What if I only want the exterior of my windows cleaned?


A: Not a problem. If you just prefer to have us clean the outside we can do that for you, although quite often, once you see the difference you will WANT us to do the interior as well, nearly everyone does! However, we may need to come back depending how booked up that day we are as typically we are very busy and must stress that should you change your mind about just having the exterior done and want the interior done also, that you call us as soon as possible to your appointment date with us.


Q: I have difficult to reach windows, will you be able to clean them?


A: There has never been a window we haven’t been able to reach but as always our first step is to come out to you and discuss with you what it is you require. Any window can be reached with our equipment and experience.


Q: My windows look awful, they are misty and foggy, will the fog go away after you clean the windows for me?


A: Afraid not is the short answer. Foggy windows are often damaged or defective double paned windows. This does not clean up with a regular clean. The fog between the panes of the glass comes from a broken or weak seal on the actual window and would need to be replaced to clear it up sadly at a costly price these days too.


Q: Do you have weekend appointments?


A: Weekend appointments are available and are made on a first come basis. Weekend appointments are generally reserved for larger jobs however should you require us to come out on a Saturday for whatever reason simply call us here at the office and we will try work our magic. We do not work on Sundays.


Q: What is the earliest appointment time available?


A: We typically start at 9am, although on certain occasions this can vary depending on the time of year and workload for the day. Our afternoon appointments will often vary with regards to the size and type of job being done that day.


Q: How long does an interior and exterior job take?


A: This will depend on the type of home you have which I am sure you can appreciate. However, we typically use a 2 man team but can put additional service techs on the job as and when required so a job will take from approximately 2hr on average upwards of 6 or 7 on large homes. When making an appointment either on site with your estimate or by calling us here direct you can always request an approximate length of time we think the job will take and if need be we can always plan around what you might have going on that day.


Q: What should I do to prepare for my appointment?


A: We would ask if you have expensive valuables in front of your windows or items attached to the glass that you remove these ahead of time, otherwise we can move them for you if you cannot. Please remember its our pleasure to make the experience of having your windows cleaned by us as easy and as comfortable for you as possible.


Q: Will I know what time you will arrive?  My last guy was never on time!


A: Of course, we always give you a set time and day, that way it makes it much easier to plan around anything you might need to do. You will never be kept waiting and in fact, should we ever be more than 30 minutes late for your job, you will receive an additional 25% discount on the job price estimate, we put great value behind our name.


Q: What payment methods are accepted?


A: We accept credit card, debit cards, cash or checks made payable to Aqua Pro.


Q: When is payment due?


A: Payment is due upon completion of the job. If you are not home when we complete the job we will invoice you.



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If you still have any questions that were not answered in the FAQ please call us or send an email and we will be more than happy to answer them.


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