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 GUTTER CLEANING ONLY $1 Per Foot200ft Minimum Charge
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100’s Of Testimonials – PROOF WE ARE #1!

Gutter Cleaning – Only $1 per foot.

Blind Cleaning ONLY $15! Any Size – Store Coming Soon!



We Are #1 For A Reason….. See Testimonials For The Answer

10 Reasons We Are #1

  1. Reliability (Set Your Watch By Us), Trustworthy Worth Its Weight In Gold.
  2. The Same High Consistency Of Work Every Time You Use Us Guaranteed!
  3. High Quality Work Done Right First Time Like The Good Old Days In America!
  4. Prompt Fast Service Always
  5. Elite Professional & Friendly – Owner Does All The Jobs! 
  6. Discounts, $50 Referral Program, PLUS Save 20% Repeat Same Year Service. The 2nd Time You Use Us Within A Calendar Year  
  7. 100’s of Testimonials, Verbal, Written & Video – Proof Alone We Are Good!!
  8. 29yrs Experience (Including England, Yes, I’m British With A Funny Accent)
  9. Unlike The Rest… Money Back Guarantee If We Ever Fail You!
  10. I Am Very Passionate About My Work, My Name & It Shows Every Day In My Work & Level Of Detail! Try Us Once NEVER Use Anyone Else Again Promise.

    GutterStuff Pro Gutter Protection That Works!!!!! 

Looking For Only The Cheapest – Not Us, Move Along!
Same Low Standards From Other Companies! – Nope
The Same ‘No Speak English Illegals’ Hell No Way!

How About Old Fashioned Honest Quality Work Done Right The First Time – Now Your Talking…. What Are You Waiting For Give Us A Call Today!

Looking for more proof? Watch this video

  Window Cleaning Gordons Bay

Why People Choose Us & What Makes Us Different!

number 1Here at Aqua Pro, we pride ourselves highly on a quality service and being able to back that up with our famous Money Back Guarantee! We are highly trained, skilled professionals in always delivering the best possible service. We have spent many years mastering our trade and consider ourselves to be a very dependable, reliable and trustworthy company.

We have more than 29 years experience and train our workers to a very high standard. We are competitively priced for the high level of service you are service magicalways guaranteed to receive from us – if you are wanting the best.

If you are tired of the unskilled guy doing a poor job then give us a call and see what a world of difference there is in how true window cleaning professionals handle doing the windows or in fact any other service we might be able to offer you. We do this EVERY day almost, come rain or shine…

There is a reason why we are #1 and considered to be the best!

  • Aqua Pro Window Cleaning (as featured in Topeka Today Magazine on many occasions) offers our customers a wide variety of services. We know you work hard to have a nice home so why not see for yourself how much of a difference we can bring to your windows or that of any service!
  • Overall customer satisfaction is our number one goal and something which we take very seriously here Aqua Pro. We pride ourselves on being above and beyond any other window cleaning company. In fact, dependable service, high quality, friendly trustworthy workers and our very friendly customer service means more to us than any possible pay check. This isn’t simply a business to us – WE LOVE OUR WORK AND IT SHOWS!!

More Reasons Why We Are The Elite
And People Choose Us

  1. Owner On All The Jobs – 29 Years Experience! We Love Our Work & It Shows Every Day In Our Work & Our Testimonials!
  2. Friendly ENGLISH Speaking Customer Service None Of The Crap
    “No Speak English!” In fact, Owner is British!
  3. Guaranteed Work – The Work Done Right, Face To Glass, up close and personal to ensure the windows are spotless!
  4. 100’s of Testimonials BOTH Written & Video Testimonials – Need More… Just Ask For More From Us
  5. Our Pricing Is Fair & Honest – No Hidden Charges At End Of Job!
  6. Reliable, Trustworthy Workers, Work Done By Owner To Ensure All Jobs Are Done Right & To The High Standards Aqua Pro Window Cleaning Is Known For In This Field!
  7. On Time, Every Time – Set Your Watch By Us! 30 Minutes Late, Save 25% From The Estimate Price, Proving We Focus On Service & Quality Like In The Good Old Days
  8. Guaranteed Satisfaction Every Time OR Don’t Pay Us A Dime!
    Money Back Guarantee Promise.
  9. Good Old Fashioned Service MISSING Today From Other Window Cleaning Companies!
  10. No Illegal Workers, ONLY Honest, Hard Working American’s…and One Brit!

Try Us Once, Never Use Anyone Else Again We Promise!!

$50 Referral Gift Card & SAVE 20% In 2013 With Any Repeat Service Within A 12 Month Period –
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Screen Magic

 See Our Video & Written Testimonials! – 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

WARNING: Aqua Pro Window Cleaning

 Cannot Be Held Responsible For Birds That May Crash Into Your Windows Due To Extreme Clarity!



Estimates are always FREE and there is never any obligation or hard sell tactics to use my service. I stand behind our well known name and service and instead offer higher quality than our competition including our famous Don’t Pay Me A Dime Unless Your 100% Satisfied. My large amount of testimonials, both written and video, speak for themselves.

Great Customer Service

If I am NOT in the office and available to take your call, please leave me a message, send an email or text and I shall get back to you ASAP. When you call me here at Aqua Pro you are guaranteed an English speaking friendly voice and quick call back.

Try our customer service now always helpful and friendly as excellent customer service is very important to me and something I greatly miss from this great country from days gone by. Every time you call you should be treated as a VIP in my mind and NOT be given the run around or kepted waiting.

Do You Want A Company That Is Punctual

I know you have a choice when it comes to deciding who you want to use and want value for money. Here at Aqua Pro Window Cleaning I fully appreciate and know that your time is important and valuable which is why I will give you a time that we will be at your door and keep you updated if we are delayed by traffic.

REMEMBER my famous money back guarantee on any window cleaning job done by me if your not completely satisfied.

Here at Aqua Pro Window Cleaning you aren’t just seen as an another appointment for the day, when using me whether the once or 4 times a year you become part of the Aqua Pro family!

You are treated with the upmost respect and importance including a 20% VIP regular customer discount everytime you use the same service within a calendar year – Perks no other window cleaning company in Kansas offers!

GO AHEAD & TRY ME…. You are NEVER viewed as a check, in fact, the standards I set myself goes way beyond any check and my business name is worth far more than any check, which is why every job I do is done to such a high standard or our famous Monday Back Guarantee!

WELCOME TO THE BRITISH WAY OF DOING BUSINESS… We set a time with you early morning to show up at your door and if we are ever 30 minutes late or more for the job we have scheduled with you, you will receivce a phone call and a 25% discount on your next service.

 Aqua Pro Window Cleaning
Money Back Guarantee, 25% Discount & $25 For Every Referral



Do you want a professional in your beautiful home who is trustworthy, take great pride in the small detail and who also the Owner NOT some illegals or bum with his broken truck dripping oil all over your driveway – very important these days as it happens a lot!
Do you want clean, sparkling windows or INSTEAD horrible looking STREAKS while still out of pocket for the job.
Do you want value for money as opposed to the cheapest price and in return a higher end professional window cleaner?
Do you want no mess, drips or spills to worry about when I leave?
Do you want a company you can trust to do an excellent job with testimonials backing that claim up?
Do you want the Owner on the job who only uses the best safety equipment on your home and who is insured and bonded as well as cute and sexy with added wit
Do you want peace of mind of not being sued by an uninsured person in a beat up truck doing your windows who falls in the hope of sueing your home insurance to simply trying to save yourself a few bucks

If You Answer YES To All These Questions,
Then You Need Us Call Today

Highly Professional – That Is Me!

Do you honestly remember using someone in the past (or maybe you still do) and not being impressed with their service, I know I have many times since moving to Kansas from England. In fact, you are actually lucky if they EVEN turn up! Do you find yourself wishing for the good old days of reliability and good old fashioned service, when service actually meant decent service and the job mattered to both of you.

Well, help is at hand when you choose to use any of my services because I take great pride in everything I do and promise to deliver on my word.

When using me for exterior window cleaning I am very careful not to damage plants and shrubbery leaving you only with sparkling clean windows and not the mess of having to buy new plants! How do you think I am able to offer a FREE window cleaning service with our famous Money Back Guarantee unless I can truly back my claim up.

Read My Testimonial Page For Yourself

Detailed & Conscientious Service At All Times NOT Just The First Time

I make sure your home either interior or exterior looks sensational with windows so clean you will think they are NEW.

Be sure to look around my website and check out my testimonial page from very happy regular customers from all over Missouri, Kansas and Topeka.

The one think that pisses me off as a Brit is all the poor services these days and that is why you can trust me when I tell you I deliver each and every time guaranteed!

(913) 341-2782 or (785) 273-9455

Please Note: A $125 fee applies to any job cancellation with less than 48 hours notice or wasted call out.

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